Month One: Wearing Handmade 365 days (2014)

My Handmade 365 Wardrobe: The Beginning


Last September Rachelle Blondel (from ted and agnes) set up a project called Handmade 365. Rachelle is the co-author of Granny Chic along with Tif Fussell from Dotty Angel)

I liked the sound of this project and thought it would follow on perfectly from my participation in “The Love What You Wear Project“. Here was a fresh opportunity to inspire me to making my own clothes.

And then another opportunity for clothes making inspiration presented itself. Yes. Yes. Yes.

I became a member of Serger Pepper’s Test Crew, helping Irene to test her first pattern, which I might add has been a resounding success. So much did I like her sheer plaid top pattern, I made three different versions. One of which was featured (amongst others ) on Craftsy.

So now I have actually made  a start on making clothes for myself. Whoop. Whoop. Whoop.

Here’s to a productive 2014.

My Coat

This coat was the first handmade item in my wardrobe. Purchased last Autumn at a Harrogate charity shop for £12. It is most definitely handmade, though not by me. I wish I was that talented. I love it and wear it everyday when I am out and about. It is so cosily warm. And quite vintage looking too. I usually get some great feedback when I wear it. My lucky, first handmade wardrobe, coat. It must be the green-sleeves.

Green Tweed Coat

My Apron

I was inspired to make this apron after seeing the ‘perfectly peachy pinny’ (page 16) in the book “Granny Chic” by Tif Fussell (Dotty Angel) and Rachelle Blondel (ted and agnes)  (2012) Kyle Books (ISBN: 978-0-85783-155-2)

Handmade Apron

My  apron is embroidered with a motto (split to either side of top pocket): “Sew Far (left) ” “Sew Good (right)” (hopefully I will). It certainly comes in handy with its many dandy pockets. Scissors, tape measure, seam ripper, all squirrelled away safely tucked out of sight of “the borrowers” (yet all close to hand). Peachy perfection indeed. It does a darn good job at keeping sewing threads off my clothes too.

I’m loving the vintage look at the moment (as you can tell). It “rocks”.

My Knitted Brooch

I recently took up knitting again and have been knitting for several causes. I took a little time out and knitted this brooch for myself.

Now I have a handmade item that is quick and easy to wear everyday (ideal when I am rushing around). I keep it in my handbag so no matter what I wear it is to hand.

Knitted Brooch
Brooch Hand Knitted Flower

 My three “Serger Pepper Sheer Plaid” tops

These are the three tops I made using the SP Sheer Plaid Top pattern which I wrote about last week. They are neither sheer, nor plaid (well the second one is just a tinsy winsy bit plaid/maybe/possibly/oh OK then is).

My Colourful Sari Top

Plaid Scarf Top  Poncho Style

Sari Top Number Two

My Hair Flower

I had some material left from the top above, so I made this flower for my hair . I keep this on my dressing table, so I have something to hand that I can just ‘pop’ on at will. I think Mr Greensleeves has noticed how glamorous I look too (at least I hope he has).

Silk Hair Flower to match Sari top 2

Not bad eh? From owning one (bought) handmade item to owning seven (six of which have been made by my own fair hands) items. And in only four short weeks too.  Super Dooper.

So cheers to a crafty handmade year.

Look out for future monthly updates on my handmade 365 progress. They will be posted on the second Wednesday of every month.

Who knows what will be ready to hang in my wardrobe by then.

Moths begone. Shoo. Shoo. Shoo.


Hi, I am a happily married, approaching sixty, wife, mother and grandmother. I love writing, sewing and knitting and am passionate about crafting. I fully believe that crafting can make a difference in the world. It can reduce stress, help create friendships, build communities, be used to make political protestation and show the world that peaceful pursuits such as crafting is more rewarding than hostility. This is why I love crafting and why I craft for cause.

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