Full Steam Ahead to a Creative and Productive 2014


Full Steam Ahead to a Creative and Productive 2014

Where has this month gone?

Christmas has barely disappeared from view whilst Valentines Day will soon be upon us.

For some time now I have promised you a post on the projects I am participating in during 2014.

I thought it was high time I delivered.

It’s not that I have been idle or hibernating or anything you understand.

No not at all.

I have been recovering from a cold, but also I have had computer issues.

Mostly though I have been quite busy just trying to work around getting my blog right.

I suppose that practice makes perfect as they say, so bear with me and I will get there.

These are the projects I shall be contributing to during 2014:

52 Creative Prompts:

52 Creative Prompts delivers a weekly creative prompt aimed at getting the creative juice flowing.

I quite like the idea of being given a prompt and reacting to it.

I have been taking part in these creative challenges since the first week in January.

The prompts are announced each Monday morning and I usually post my “creations” up at the weekends.

I will keep a record of these “creations” here on my blog.

Currently the project is at Week 5 and this weeks prompt is Baby’s Fingers.

Previous weeks have included: Branches; Sight; Teabag; and Pink.

This is the rose I made from teabags as my contribution to week 3.

Tea Bag Rose

More information on 52 Creative Prompts can be found here

Handmade 365 :


Handmade 365 was set up by Rachelle Blondel of “ted and agnes” last September.

Although I am a latecomer to this project my participation will continue until January 23rd 2015.

The project Handmade 365 is a celebration of handmade clothing and accessories.

Participants promise to wear a handmade item everyday.

Pictures are then posted to the Handmade 365 Flickr pool each week.

So far I have had trouble uploading my photos to Flickr.

But I will persevere.

Meanwhile I shall update each week here on my blog.

This is the apron I have been wearing whilst going about my crafty activities.


More information on Handmade 365 can be found here

Making for Charity:

Making for Charity is running the “Time to Give Challenge” which ends on January 12th 2015.

I aim to “donate” 52 hours of my time by making syringe driver bags and personal effects bags.

The syringe bags are made to hold syringe drivers.

These are mostly used in pain management for palliative care, particularly cancer care.

Personal effects bags are used to hand over the personal effects of patients who have died.

Without these bags, the patients effects are usually handed over to loved ones in black plastic bin liners.

This can be quite a traumatic time and this project tries to ease some of that trauma.

I shall keep a record of my contributed hours and post photos of completed bags,  on my blog.

Time to Give

More information on Making for Charity can be found here

Knit for Peace:

For this charity I shall be making baby layettes and  school jumpers.

Two of each.

In each case I shall knit a set and a jumper for a boy and a girl.

I will post photos on my blog.

More information Knit for Peace can be found here

Wool Against Weapons:

Wool Against Weapons are holding a day of action against nuclear weapons on August 9th 2014.

Before that date the aim is to knit a scarf  an amazing 7 miles long.

This scarf will then be wrapped around the Atomic Weapons Factory in Berkshire on that day of action.

An astonishing 11,000 pieces of knitting are needed to make up this colossal scarf.

I shall be contributing at least 3 pieces and will post photos on my blog.


More information on Wool Against Weapons can be found here

Save the Babies: Hats for War-torn Syria

I starting knitting hats for Save the Babies: Hats for War-torn Syria last November.

At that time I made 12 hats for tiny babies.

Hats for Syria

This year I want to make at least another 12.

These hats are desperately needed by the children.

Having lost so much they are at risk of dying from severe cold.

More information on Save the Babies: Hats for War – torn Syria can be found here

Dress a Girl Around the World:

I have made dresses for this charity before.

This year I want to make another 12 dresses.

These will be sent out at the end of the year.

Each month I will post a photo of that months dress.

More information Dress a Girl Around the World can be found here

The “Secret” Project

I will let you know what this project is on Saturday 1st February 2014.


Hi, I am a happily married, approaching sixty, wife, mother and grandmother. I love writing, sewing and knitting and am passionate about crafting. I fully believe that crafting can make a difference in the world. It can reduce stress, help create friendships, build communities, be used to make political protestation and show the world that peaceful pursuits such as crafting is more rewarding than hostility. This is why I love crafting and why I craft for cause.

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8 comments on “Full Steam Ahead to a Creative and Productive 2014
  1. MammaNene says:

    hehehehe… is that secret weapon something I already know?
    MammaNene @ SergerPepper.com

  2. Slizzy Greensleeves says:

    Thanks Irene, Its all a huge learning curve but I will get there. You are very helpful which helps ❤

  3. lazydaisyjones says:

    wow sew busy pun intended…! love your blog…
    Bestest Daisy j x

    • Slizzy Greensleeves says:

      Thank you Daisy, I appreciate that very much. Trying to juggle sewing with getting my blog right. Still in its infancy really…sew much to learn, sew little time, sew much hope. (I love the pun) x

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