Cake, Customs and Clothing (Valentines Day Traditions)

I love old customs, don’t you? Though many are in danger of dying out. I love old books too, the smell, the feel and the wealth of words inside. Recently I picked up a great little book that satisfies my

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What a twit-erer

I finally joined twitter yesterday. And I am not yet sure how I feel about it. I gather that this form of social media is a must for bloggers. But it feels very, very alien to me. I know that

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Month One: Wearing Handmade 365 days (2014)

My Handmade 365 Wardrobe: The Beginning   Last September Rachelle Blondel (from ted and agnes) set up a project called Handmade 365. Rachelle is the co-author of Granny Chic along with Tif Fussell from Dotty Angel) I liked the sound

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Attempting to ‘Write’ the Wrongs of ‘Fashion’

“The Love What You Wear Project” (my end of challenge review):     I have been meaning to post an end of project review for a good few weeks now and here it is. Make yourself comfy with a cup

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Revealed: My “Secret” Project

Did you read my recent blog post “Full Steam Ahead to a Creative and Productive 2014” ? Right at the end of that post I spoke of a “secret” I would only reveal today. At last I can now finally

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Full Steam Ahead to a Creative and Productive 2014

Full Steam Ahead to a Creative and Productive 2014 Where has this month gone? Christmas has barely disappeared from view whilst Valentines Day will soon be upon us. For some time now I have promised you a post on the

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Lurking in the cellar: what a beast.

The tale of the Singer 201K Sewing Machine (part one) Some people are fabric hoarders and some people are craft book collectors. Whilst I am guilty of both these pastimes, it seems I am also a sewing machine enthusiast (I

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Slizzy Greensleeves

Hi, welcome to the quirky, crafty world of Slizzy Greensleeves. My interests are eclectic and many and include, thrifting, sewing, writing, knitting, crafting for good causes and collecting. I sometimes like a good rant too.

So pull up a chair, make yourself at home (the kettle is always on) and join me on my creative journey. Oooh I have biscuits too. Homemade ones of course.
Love 'n' Hugs from Slizzy x

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